June 7, 2023

The Rapid Rise Of The Luxury Experiential Travel

The continued growth of high-networth individuals seeking a timeliness one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences have push many operators and brands to own exceptional assets in the most desirable destinations. In the recent purchase of Belmond by LVMH Group to increase its presence in the upmarket hospitality who can deliver these unique experiences, dREAMSCAPE  takes a look at the most signature ones.


A trip through the  Machu Picchu would not be complete without trying the luxury train by Belmond. The journey opens up a new destination of Peruvian Andes that offers breathtaking views, local towns and yet no high altitude can slow down Belmond to continue in providing a top notch hot meals and luxury services that includes into the journey, even at 4,000 meter above sea level.  Luxury experiential travel is defined by the ability to deliver a timeless adventure connecting to the local culture while enjoying comforts at their fines.  Passing through the mountains and alpacas as we stop at the floating island of Uros to learn how locals build their homes by hand whist greeted by a local musicians, this attention to details are the new trend.


The French Wine region of Burgundy  is neither a small size in areas nor its influence in the world of luxury. Home to some of the most expensive wines in the history, the vineyards streches almost 300km from Joigny, north to Mâcon,south,  There is no easiest way to taste Burgundy than to float down the rural rivers and hidden canals on a luxury barge by Belmond. Equipped with a heated outdoor swimming pools, private chefs, luxury cabins and marble bathrooms, visiting the rolling vineyards and French countryside  with a professional guide who can make spontaneous bespoke itinerary of stop and excursions are the ultimate luxury experiential travel you can find.

As luxury travel continues to involve from the typical regular luxury five star in the past to creating memorable experiences,  there is a strong growth and demand to live like a local  and to seek experiences from around the world in a short of time.  What meaning lifetime memories would you like to curate?

Short Break Experiential by Belmond

1.  Eastern & Oriental Express by Belmond, Singapore/Thailand
2.  Belmond Road to Mandalay, Myanmar

Must do by Belmond

1.  The journey at Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland
2.  The water wonder at Belmond Copacabana Palace, Brazil
3.  The Safari at Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, Botswana
4.  The cliff view at Belmond Splendido, Italy

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Belmond Afloat in France by dREAMSCAPE

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