June 7, 2023


For modern luxury travelers, a holiday adding a little adrenaline- junkie mix into the itinerary provides mind-blowing post travel stories you can share with your children or friends, or at the very least get some cool “likes” on Instagram. But a luxpedition journey is a tricky category for travelers to choose from, because many operators have jumped on the luxury adventure travel bandwagon, yet upon closer inspection their programs and often their facilities often fall short. Let’s take a look at dREAMSCAPE recommendations on these incredible trips really push the boundaries of bucket-list excursions.

Antartica Luxpedition

Antartica Luxpedition Antartica is home of unmatched wildlife and history wrapped in an environment of exquisite isolation, where only the world’s bravest and most established brands can design and lead an expedition in these extremes. While luxury expedition cruises have been around for decades, Scenic Eclipse’s debut as a “discovery yacht” is a highly anticipated launch in 2019 that could change the ranks of the world’s luxpedition operators. This ultra-luxury mega yacht is equipped with a Polar Class 6 rating, the highest passenger ship ice-class rating, to safely navigate in challenging seas. What is most appealing is that the mega yacht is equipped with two six-seater, twin-engine helicopters, one seven-seater submarine and 12 zodiacs and kayaks.

Mekong Luxpedition

If cold and long distance travel are not your thing, embark on a Mekong River luxpedition. While we often underestimate the capacity for once in a lifetime trips within our region, the Mekong simply cannot be ignored. On the river that flows from China, Tibet and across almost Southeast Asia, travelers can expect secret temples, hidden villages and colourful floating markets on the “mother of rivers” in Asia. Putting all the comfort of luxury into a river cruise is not easy, and there is no one better for all the details than Aqua Expeditions. Not only are the cabins of Aqua Mekong one of the most luxurious and largest in the market, the attention to detail in both its excursions and facilities are award-winning.

Taking a luxpedition journey means you are guaranteed no difficult logistical itinerary, and, most importantly, you can still enjoy the luxury services of a normal luxury hotel or lodge: hot shower, spa, hot gourmet meals and state of the art expedition equipment and guides. Who says adventure is pain?

dREAMSCAPE handpicked luxpedition short breaks designed for Asian luxury travellers:

  1. Aqua Mekong, Cambodia/Vietnam
  2. The Seven Stars, Japan
  3. Prana Liveaboard, Indonesia
  4. Sanctuary Ananda, Myanmar
  5. Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia
  6. Gantey Lodge/Six Senses/Amankora, Bhutan

Ultra-Luxury Expedition by dREAMSCAPE

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