Travel Design

Turn your fantasies into reality by hiring our customized travel designing service. For those seeking once in a lifetime extraordinary destinations and activities, let us direct you to the best places to eat, love and sleep. Your way, your rules, and dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Network. So, how do we start?

Step 1:  Every trip requires careful consideration and specific planning based on the destination(s), number of people in the group and time spent traveling.  

Our Travel Designing Fee helps to cover the cost of time spent  in researching and building an itinerary just for you.

Region Family or Small Group Group of Friends Medium Sized Groups Large Sized Groups
<6 People <16 People >20-40 People >41 People
Europe, Russia and the Arctic $400 $800 $1.250 $2.000
Asia Pacific $300 $400 $750 $1.000
Africa and the Middle East $300 $400 $750 $1.000
Short Breaks $200 $320 $500 $800
North, Central and Latin America $500 $1.00 $1.250 $2.500

Prices are in USD

Services include:

  • Two supporting team: Junior or senior travel specialists plus customer service
  • Customized routes and unbiased recommendations* (up to 3 destination revisions)
  • Research on hotels, activities and logistics issues
  • Booking and payment management
  • Complimentary travel support during the journey.


Step 2: This begins with a meeting, either by telephone or in person. Understanding our client’s particular tastes and desires, in addition to previous travel experiences (especially dislikes), is a crucial prior of the planning of any type of trip.

Step 3: Crafting of customized routes with must-do activities, must-hit restaurants and that exact destination-defining excursion Itinerary in multiple drafts. With your  feedback, we will then propose a plan in finer detail, outlining what to do each day and where to stay. If you’re not be happy with what we suggest, we will keep tweaking and refining until you are happy.

Step 4: After the final draft and quote is approved, our team will manage and centralized your booking of transportation, including air, car, boat and train and all accommodation types (villas, apartments and hotels) with all of your preferences notes.

Step 5: A summary travel booklet which includes all your confirmation numbers, contacts at the destination, plus highlighting upcoming weather, along with our duty team contacts who will be supporting your journey throughout.