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Today’s travellers do not merely see travel as an opportunity to step away from daily life and pressures, but also to be surprised and challenged and to learn, appreciate and experience something new.


Luxury travel is all about personalisation and unique experiences.  Not only are luxury travel sectors are distinguished by its uniqueness, brand imagery and high price levels- but within personalized luxury travel also lies a distinction of travel class or level that represent your style of travel.

Each of our programs listed in this website are catagorized into type of travel level either VIP (First Class), Luxury (Business Class) or Comfortable (Economy Deluxe). For more details and differentiation of luxury travel style, please see below distinctions as your references when you browse your next luxury travel with us.

VIP Travel

The First Class

This travel class represent the most luxurious and most expensive travel collection put together.

By Accommodation Range

The very best ultra luxury accommodation or room with an average above US $ 1,500 per room per night

By Transportation and Transfer Range

It offers the most convenient transfers most often using private chartered flights and/or the very best transportation brands on daily chartered.  A deluxe car is always ready on the standby as well throughout the activities duration with a uniform senior driver who can act as your mobile concierge

By Activities Range

Design for those who are willing to invest whatever it costs for once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the top service available.

Similar Ultra Luxury Brand

Ferrari, Patek Philippe, Hermes, Channel

Hospitality Ultra Luxury Brands

Singita Resorts, Huka Lodge, Aman Resorts, One&Only Resorts, Private Jet

Luxury Travel

The Business Class

Our luxury level is distinguished  by the quality of  accommodation  ground service and other amenities.

By Accommodation Range

A 5* star  luxury accommodation or room with an average between US $ 700- 1,500  per room per night

By Transportation and Transfer Range

Direct and easy route on extra comfortable arrangements without being extravagant.

By Activities Range

Experiences are inspirational, unprecedented ways on your terms.  It means the activities incorporate having the right balance of local insight, independence and flexibility.

Similar Luxury Brands

Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Bulgari, Armani

Hospitality Luxury Brands

St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Singapore Airlines

Comfortable Travel

The Economy Deluxe

Customized travel and experiences at the most affordable range.

By Accommodation Range

A 4* star  luxury accommodation or room with an average between US $ 400- 700  per room per night

By Transportation and Transfer Range

Direct and easy route where car chartered is booked only when necessary. Alternatively self drive.

By Activities Range

Unique activities available on the market list. Walking tour private or co-sharing experiences are open to be considered.

Similar comfortable brands

Honda, Tiffany, Coach

Hospitality comfortable brands

Intercontinental, Conrad, Alila

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