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South Pacific

Conjures all kinds of captivating images: turquoise water, castaway beaches, colorful culture, adrenaline adventure, unusual tropical fruits, exotic cocktails and, of course, secluded luxury lodges and bungalows.

  • Gaze into the eyes of your loved one under the Southern Cross and be star struck by its  dark night skies
  • Take a long walk at dramatic seascapes
  • Stay active by lacing up your hiking boots and set out for the challenging but beautiful network of trails
  • Exploring the lagoons, snorkel, or stroll along one of the winning island’s world-famous beaches
  • Leap into the unknown from heart-stopping heights as you take a romantic tandem sky dive
  • Swoop in by helicopter to a secluded spot where a gourmet picnic hamper, fine wine and an intimate setting just for two awaits your private indulgence.


Unwind, relax and reconnect with your soulmate in each of these destination

  • Take a private hot springs and spend time relaxing in the most tranquil settings ever seen.
  • Appreciate tea on a sculling boat floating under Yinding Bridge while enjoying the rich cultural landscapes and folk life on both sides.
  • Stroll along the Tsim Tsa Tsui Waterfront Promenade for the magical Symphony of Lights.
  • Live like a nomad and stay overnight in the wilderness in a traditional  luxury Ger.

Europe, Arctic and Russia

From busy capitals to relaxing villages, it might be one of the eldest continent, but its breathtaking views eternally promise romantism that is timeless.

  • Kiss under the archway of the Faraglione di Mezzo is the ultimate spot to canoodle
  • Stomp grapes in a vineyard
  • Cycle into gentle vineyard trails
  • La Dolce Vita, enjoying the very best of life
  • Get lost in Venice and stumble while walking on the cobblestone streets
  • Discover elegant coffee houses, admire the architecture and inhale the rich culture

Africa and Middle East

Check yourself into the romantic dreamy island escapes or elegant tented safari camps

  • Come for the beaches, but stay for the bathtub views
  • Sleep out in the African wilderness in complete luxurious comfort with 360° views of the wilderness and a perfectly starlit night sky.

Central and North America

Amongst the peaks and valleys, there are some places that simply make us want to fall in love.

  • Visit real shipwreck, lounge on a remote cove or see rare archeological artifacts
  • Swim at at the colourful canyon and waterfalls
  • Grab a bottle of wine, pack a picnic and settle into a sweet spot where you can watch the boats – and each other

Latin America and Antarctica

With a diverse landscape steeped in history and lavish escapes of glaciers, rainforests, beaches and deserts, journey through an enchanting continent designed for once in a lifetime celebration.

  • Watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu from a private terrace at the Sun Gate.
  • Be swept off your feet by the rustic charm of the vineyards and idyllic countryside
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