Luxury Cruise

Set sail on a journey of discovery onboard innovative new ships, experiential itineraries and exotic new ports especially designed for the luxury travellers.


Cut off by thousand of kilometres of sea from the rest of the world, plunge into a world paradise of stunning beaches and reefs, crystal waters and lush jungle.

  • plunge into turquoise lagoons, white beaches and dripping tropical foliage.
  • Swim into the rich underwater marine life and colourful coral reefs
  • Attend ancient ceremonies and uncover rich heritage
  • Step into volcanoes that rumble against cloudless skies
  • Walk around to some of the world-famous landmarks  including the majestic Sydney Opera House and the impressive Harbour Bridge
  • Bike through breathtaking mountainous scenery and charming port town and cities


The wonders of the Far East is a journey that combine vibrant cultures with bustling cities

  • Encounter fascinating cultures and breath-taking natural landscapes
  • Join by a local host and enter historic monuments and famous landmarks.
  • Barefoot walk into unspoilt islands to relax on a sun-drenched sandy beach or take a dip in the clear blue sparkling ocean waters
  • Experience the incredible and colourful culture of India in destinations such as Goa and Mumbai
  • Hear fascinating ancient histories and witness fabulous natural beauty
  • Immerse  in age-old traditional cultures
  • Taste exceptional local foods as one of the greatest cruise destinations for food lovers
  • Voyage on the Yangtze could be combined with panda watching
  • Take a sampan boat ride to see hanging coffins


Journey into one of the most diversity of cultures where fascinating ancient histories and picturesque and secluded island destinations are harmonious.

  • Learn the diverse of plethora and exotic ethnicities
  • Be mesmerized by the innovative modern and cutting edge architecture scenery
  • Explore the huge array of ancient and temples surrounding by terraces of ice field
  • Follow the influence of European colonialism with left stunning monuments.
  • Tranquility are commonly found in the areas
  • Temple hopping is only possible in South East Asia
  • Experience life in the slow lane includes birds watching
  • Barter with stallholders selling everything from live fish and chickens to chillies and flowers.
  • Pass the flower market and the former home of Mother Teresa
  • Search of one-horned rhinos and elusive Bengal tigers in open Jeeps
Komodo, Indonesia

An Enticing Voyage to Komodo

Komodo National Park

4 Days | 3 Nights

Onboard the luxury cruise to the dazzling seas of Komodo waters and jump for a thrilling adventure by the Indonesia’s most pristine beaches inhabited by the living dragon of Komodo. Taking a sip for an expedition underwater through magnificent coral reefs and the bio marine wildlife before basking in the sun on your private deck in the sailing yacht is on your wish list in discovering Eastern beauty of Indonesia.

Aerial of Skiff auxiliary launch boats approaching river cruise ship Aqua Mekong (Aqua Expeditions) on Tonle Sap river at dusk, Kampong Prasat, Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

The Essence of Vietnam and Cambodia by Aqua Mekong

Ho Chi Minh | Binh Thanh | Sa Dec | My An Hung | Chau Doc | Koh Oknha Tey | Preah Prosop | Phnom Penh

5 Days | 4 Nights

A magnificent presence on the Mekong river, Settle into your floating retreat, with its window wall conferring an endlessly captivating panorama. Soak up the colors, culture, and history of this incredible region

Belmond Road to Mandalay River Cruise

Taste of Myanmar with Belmond Road to Mandalay

Mandalay | Bagan

3 Days | 2 Nights

Discover a land barely touched by time on this condensed tour of Myanmar. Trip highlights include the ancient monasteries of Ava and the endless, glimmering temples of Bagan.


Experience ancient sights and  towns, whilst indulge with the rich clan heritage

  • Hop from one idyllic island to another, taking in the region’s diverse history and wide range of cultural attractions.
  • Be open that almost every traditional villages brings famous legends that we grew up with.
  • Find one of the world’s most unique and secluded landscapes – a land of volcanoes, thermal springs, geysers and boiling lakes.
  • Tour beautiful cities and rolling countryside
  • Home to cities with a fascinating heritage and vibrant cultures opportunities
Scenic Eclipse 3

Iceland Discovery by Scenic Eclipse

Reykjavik | Dynjandi Waterfall | Isafjordur | Adalvik | Grimsey Island | Husavik | Syoisfjordur | Heimaey | Thorlakshofn | Reykjavik

9 Days | 8 Nights

Explore glaciers and volcanoes, immerse yourself in the distinctive Icelandic culture and delight in the sheer abundance of other-worldly sights

Arctic in Depth by Scenic Eclipse

Arctic in Depth by Scenic Eclipse

Oslo | Longyearbyen | Svalbard Archipelago | Longyearbyen | Oslo

12 Days | 11 Nights

Discover the Arctic in Depth. View spectacular peaks, fjords, and amazing wildlife encounters including the polar bear together with Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht.

Luxury Canada New England Cruise by Ritz Carlton Yacht

Luxury Mediterranean Cruise from Malta

Valleta | Monemvasia | Chania | Mykonos | Nafpilio | Athens

8 Days | 7 Nights

Medieval Peloponnesian ports where Argonauts once landed, Crete’s Minoan ruins and fine beaches, and the 16th-century windmills and revelry filled shores of Mykonos, a favorite of the international set together with luxury Ritz Carlton Yacht.


Luxury Cruise from Athens to Venice by Ritz Calrton Yacht

Athens | Corfu | Kotor | Dubrovnik | Venice

8 Days | 7 Nights

Relish an itinerary so culturally rich, each of its ports has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander Corfu’s old town, Kotor’s medieval streets, the walled enchantress of Dubrovnik, and Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic

View of harbor and village Porto Cervo, Sardinia island, Italy

Art & Architecture Of The Med by Regent Seven Seas Splendor

Barcelona | Palma de Mallorca | Ajaccio | Olbia | Capri | Rome | Monte Carlo

8 Days | 7 Nights

Discover the imaginative architecture, the magnificent island, and the story behind the destination.

Greenland Adventure With Quark Expedition

Reykjavik | Narsarsuaq

10 Days | 09 Nights

A first in polar adventure travel, Quark Expeditions has teamed up with municipal, regional and national partners to offer you the most extensive array of adventure activities and enable you to curate an authentic Greenland active adventure that best suits you.


Uncover adventure, ancient heritage and wealth of wildlife experiences.

  • Tick off your bucket list by visiting the greatest cities of the ancient world from Alexandria to Cairo.
  • Journey into unspoilt tribal village scattered in the middle of nowhere
  • Enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty with array of majestic wildlife that roams the expansive African Savannah
  • Sample a fine vintage or two of South African wine as you step into local vineyards of Stellenbosch and beyond
  • Enter into some of the world’s most impressive architectural sites referred to as Holy Land cruises, as important Christian, Jewish and Islamic sites
  • Explore bustlin souks, vast deserts, and historical sites as you delve into the Arabian Gulf

Beyond The Acropolis & Aqaba by Crystal Cruises

Athens | Rhodes | Suez Canal | Eilat | Petra

7 Days | 6 Nights

Explore the cradle of western culture in Athens and the Acropolis at Lindos in Rhodes. Enjoy two days in Eilat, known for its diving, beaches, and birdwatching. Arrive in Aqaba, where your journey may continue to the Rose City of Petra.


An unforgettable urban balanced by an  array of astounding scenery and incredible natural beauty on offer as you cruise through North & Central America


  • Take a photo with autum foliage background in New England
  • Visit the stylish Santa Barbara and the capital of artists in the world
  • Take a historical walk in America’s best preserved colonial towns
  • Nature lover’s will find Canada a paradise showing beautiful scenery of the Rockies
  • Take a photo with the backdrop of the most famous landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square and much more.
  • Arguably one of the world’s most popular and iconic cruise destinations, island hop into the Caribbean, an archipelago that is made up from a number of secluded and picturesque tropical islands, each with its own beautiful and scenic landscape
  • Stepback in time into colonial history which earned itself World Heritage status.
  • Taste exotic cocktails whilst watching wildlife, meet friendly people and do exciting activities at home to fiery volcanoes, coral reef cities and emerald rainforests

Luxury Canada New England Cruise by Ritz Carlton Yacht

Halifax | St John | Bar Harbour | Portland | Salem | Boston

8 Days | 7 Nights

Welcome the beginning of autumn on North America’s eastern seaboard, where natural and manmade wonders await

ncl_Bliss_AK_waterfront_millenial couple_a

Alaska Round Trip from Seattle by Norwegian Encore

Seattle | Juneau | Skagway | Glacier Bay National Park | Ketchikan | Viktoria | Seattle

8 Days | 7 Nights

Cruise from the Emerald City of Seattle to the wilds of Alaska for seven spectacular days, Pan for gold, feast at a salmon bake and visit a musher camp, Look for salmon in the water as you stroll and shop along the elevated walkway, and witness the unparalleled glacier view

Bahamian Cruise by Disney Cruise Lines

Bahamian Cruise by Disney Cruise Line

Port Canaveral | Nassau | Disney Castaway Cay | Port Canaveral

5 Days | 4 Nights

Be a part of Disney Cruise Line, find out the magic together with the family explore one of the largest city on New Providence Island and also discover Award Winner for Best Cruise Line Private Island in Disney Castaway Cay


Discover the continent of extremes with calving glaciers and stunning insights into wildlife.

  • Onboard into expeditions ship and journey to the end of the earth
  • Follow in Darwin’s footsteps to discover an astonishing abundance of wildlife
  • Take the the on-land hiking to meet inquisitive creatures and soak up stunning viewpoints
  • Come up close to all those wonderful exotic jungle critters along the Amazon
  • Witness the dramatically beautiful southern region where a new colony of King-Emperor Penguins was established just a few years
  • Step into the great white continent of antartica is the most enigmatic continent where ice and wildlife live harmoniously
Scenic Eclipse Antarctica - FournierBay_RogerPimenta-4

Antarctica in Depth by Scenic Ecplise

Buenos Aires | Ushuaia | Antarctica Peninsula | Ushuaia | Buenos Aires

13 Days | 12 Nights

Antarctica defies the imagination. Pristine and strikingly beautiful, this awe-inspiring region of untouched icescapes, mountains rising from the sea, and incredible, diverse wildlife will literally take your breath away.

antarctica (1)

Antarctica Shortcut Cruise by Silver Explorer

King George Island | Antarctica Sound | Antarctica Penisula | South Shetland Island | King George Island

7 Days | 6 Nights

Start your cruise in the heart of Antarctica, fly straight to Antarctica, allowing you to imbibe in the majesty of Antarctica directly as you leave the plane. Then let the discovery begin

Evolution-Sea-Lion Quasar Expedition

Footsteps Back in Time Galapagos by Quasar Expeditions

San Cristobal Island | South Plaza Island | Santa Cruz Island | Santiago Island | Genovesa Island | North Seymour Island | Santa Fe Island | Floreana Island | Santa Cruz Island

8 Days | 7 Nights

Explore the wonders of Galapagos, the adventure of the lifetime from snorkeling to hiking, and all the unimaginable nature.


Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake by Quark Expedition

Punta Arenas | King George Island | Antarctica Peninsula | South Shetland Islands | King George Island | Punta Arenas

8 Days | 7 Nights

Flying over the notorious Drake Passage by charter plane to land at King George Island before exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Select onboard activities that match your personal interests and make your expedition uniquely yours.


Galapagos Outer Loop by Celebrity Flora

Baltra Island | Dphne Major | Espanola Island | Punta Suarez | Floreana Island | Isabella Island |Fernandina Island | Santa Cruz Island | Baltra Island

8 Days | 7 Nights

Enjoy Extraordinary Creature Comforts onboard Celebrity Flora built especially for Galapagos Island, bring you an even more in-depth experience, certified naturalists from the Galápagos National Park are on board to guide the journey.