The Lost of Spice Islands Diving

Ambon to Ambon, Indonesia

Onboard the luxury cruise of Kudanil Explorer to the least visited area of spice islands and take a sip for an expedition underwater through magnificent coral reefs and the bio marine wildlife of Eastern beauty of Indonesia.

Luxury $5,367
07 – 13 March 2021
7 Days 6 Nights
Group of Friend
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The Highlights of the Journey

  • Stay 6 nights in the finest luxurious yacht with best build for sailing in the irresistible sea
  • Pursue the schools of hammerhead sharks
  • Discover a diverse marine life across the spice islands
  • Travel back in time among nutmeg plantations and colonial architecture


*Rate is inclusive of 10% VAT
*Rate is based on US Dollar, per person when 2 (two) person stay in 1 Cabin

*Rate is for 6 (six) nights during Cruise in March 2021
*Rate is subject to change

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Day 1 - 7

Ambon to Ambon | 6 Nights

Day 1  | Ambon

After arrival at Ambon Airport and a 15-min ride to the boat, we depart from Laha Bay which is one of the world’s most famous “muck diving” sites known as the “twilight zone” where divers can find some of the rarest and most unique marine life anywhere in the world. Ambon is famous in the circles of science and natural history as the “Galapagos of Asia”.

As we leave the harbor and enter the Banda Sea, keep a look out for whales as well as schools of dolphins.

Day 2  | Pulau Rhun

Wake up in Rhun, the (in-)famous island once traded by the British to the Dutch for Manhattan. Kayak over the gentle, shallow coral reef to visit the island where Pak Guru will welcome you and show you around the local nutmeg plantation and colorful village. 

Over lunch, the ship moves to the East side of the island with a picture-perfect white-sand beach at your doorstep. There are several prime dive sites around the island of Rhun, always accessible with our speedboats in no time.

Day 3  | Pulau Ai

In 1615, the Dutch invaded Pulau Ai and built Fort Revenge which you can still visit. Until today, there are active nutmeg plantations as well as colonial-style mansions on the island.

One of Ai’s greatest attractions is snorkeling and scuba diving on a pristine coral drop-off that lies just off the beach.

In the afternoon, we usually cross over to Banda Neira. As the boat enters the harbor channel, between the volcano and marker buoys indicating the outer rocks, you can literally feel the historic vibe in the air. An island, once the trade epicenter of the world, now completely idyllic and lost in some of the deepest seas in the world.

Day 4-5  | Banda Neira

Welcome to the heart of the Spice Islands. Banda Neira is one of the most scenic harbors to arrive in and certainly a highlight of the journey.

Stepping onto the shores of Banda Neira is like taking a stroll through history. Visit Fort Belgica atop the hill overlooking Banda Neira Bay, with ancient canons reminding us of times when Banda’s production of one the most sought-after commodities was one worth fighting for. Colonial architecture is evident everywhere on the island, built by those once catapulted into wealth after completing an arduous journey for spices once worth their weight in gold.

There are around 10 dive sites in Banda Neira, one of the Lava Flow which can also be explored snorkeling. Lava Flow is a unique dive site where an erupting volcano destroyed the reef but it has regrown on the fertile grounds to even prettier dive experience.

Day 6  | Batu Kapal and Hatta

In the morning, a group of islets of which Batu Kapal und Pulau Pisang stand out, Batu Kapal offers a Pinnacle dive that would suit more advanced divers who can encounter pelagic marine life. Or enjoy the more user-friendly reefs and beach on Pulau Pisang.

The last afternoon we spend around Pulau Hatta, originally named Rozengain’ Island. It was renamed ‘Hatta’, to commemorate the first Vice President, Mohammad Hatta, who was exiled in Banda Neira in 1936 for fighting the Dutch and gain Indonesian independence. 

The Banda Sea is home to migrating schools of hammerhead sharks pass and is visible on various dive sites around Banda Neira including Karang Hatta, the nearby reef. Advanced divers may try their luck throughout the trip to witness this natural spectacle.

Day 7  | Disembark in Ambon

After breakfast, pack and prepare to disembark from Ambon Airport

**Please Note: This is a sample itinerary and route may be subject to change due to weather conditions and other unforeseeable factors.

End of the journey