Greenland Adventure with Quark Expedition

Reykjavik | Narsarsuaq

A first in polar adventure travel, Quark Expeditions has teamed up with municipal, regional and national partners to offer you the most extensive array of adventure activities and enable you to curate an authentic Greenland active adventure that best suits you.

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July – August
10 Days 9 Nights
Luxury Cruise
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The Highlights of the Journey

  • Cruising in sublime comfort aboard the newest ship in Quark fleet, Ultramarine
  • Shore landings and Zodiac cruising in such spectacular surroundings
  • Heli-landing on the Greenland ice sheet and heli-hiking
  • Small, intimate groups with similar interests, multiple times a day
  • Most scenic mountain biking trails at isolated glacial lakes
  • Camp overnight in the picturesque Tasermiut Fjord


**Rates are based on Explorer Suite in US Dollar
**Rates are based on 2 (two) people traveling together staying in one stateroom
**Rates are based on low season rate and subject to change depending on the availability

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Day 1

Reykjavik | Arrival

Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel. Enjoy your day at leisure by exploring the hotel facilities.

Welcome to Reykjavik

The city of Reykjavík has a fascinating history that stretches back for over a thousand years. The site was first inhabited in the eighth century by a band of hardy Norsemen. Since then Vikings, monks, sailors, musicians, fishermen, politicians, writers, artists and all manner of folk have played their part in shaping the rich history and culture that makes Iceland’s capital such a vibrant and fascinating place.

Day 2

Narsarsuaq | Embarkation

Meet Quark Expedition team at the airport to take a private charter flight from the Icelandic capital to Narsarsuaq, Greenland, where you’ll embark on your ship. A scenic village deep in the Tunulliarfik Fjord, Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland, surrounded by several Norse sites and hiking trails. Get ready for a great adventure ahead.

Day 3 - 8

Greenland | On Board

Greenland’s southern tip is an adventure seeker’s paradise, whether you’re a newbie kayaker or hardcore hiker. 

Cruising in sublime comfort aboard the newest ship in Ultramarine, we’ll base ourselves in and around the majestic fjords that dominate the southern and southeastern coasts, sailing deeper and exploring farther than ever before. Designed to give polar adventurers unprecedented access to the hardest-to-reach places on the planet—and equipped with kayaks, mountain bikes and two onboard twin-engine helicopters for unparalleled access to areas only Quark Expeditions can bring you—this one-of-a-kind ship, in its inaugural year, will take you beyond the familiar in polar exploration for an ultra-immersive, ultra-adventurous Greenland experience.

As stunning as polar landscapes are from your ship, they’re even more striking from the air. Conditions permitting, you may have opportunities for a heli-landing on the Greenland ice sheet and heli-hiking (flying to places we could not otherwise access for hikes suitable for all skill levels), exciting included options that are unique to Ultramarine and give you an awe-inspiring polar experience like no other.

Throughout your journey, you’ll head out in small, intimate groups with similar interests, multiple times a day, to some of the most remote, isolated areas of South Greenland. Here, you’ll truly unplug, recharge and experience the transformative power of travel, at your own pace. One day, you may hop in a helicopter to hike around the scenic alpine areas while quietly around the corner your shipmates are enjoying a peaceful paddle in a sheltered inlet. The next, you may be cruising along a glacier face deep in an icy fjord while others enjoy a challenging alpine hike. And the next, you may fly up to the epic Greenland ice sheet, discovering a new appreciation of the natural environment (it’s the largest ice mass in the northern hemisphere, and the second largest in the world, after Antarctica), while your shipmates leisurely stroll amid the beckoning green hills and valleys (as always, there are hiking options for all levels).

If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, onboard helicopters will have you taking your activities up a notch, way up! They’ll drop off your small group at the start of the most scenic mountain biking trails in the world or at isolated glacial lakes high in the mountains, then pick you up wherever your explorations take you, so you’re always discovering new scenery while enjoying the tranquility of your surroundings—whether you’re exploring by kayak, or on two wheels. Be sure to book your Adventure Options (extra cost) in advance, as they fill up fast.

You may even opt to camp overnight in the picturesque Tasermiut Fjord for a truly immersive experience, hiking the tundra, chatting with your local hosts, even joining the camp chef to forage for dinner ingredients and, if you’re lucky, viewing the dazzling colors of the polar twilight in the evening (extra cost).

However you decide to explore—by sea, land or air—Ultramarine gives you unrivaled access to the unbelievably breathtaking beauty that is South Greenland.

Possible Excursions

The following sites are a sample of what you may experience on your expedition, whether by ship, Zodiac cruise, helicopter, or shore landing.


Brattahlíð (meaning “the steep slope”) was Erik the Red’s estate in the Viking Eastern Settlement. Brattahlíð was the site of the first Greenlandic parliament. The area is home to some of the most fertile land in the country.


The largest mass of ice in the Northern Hemisphere—one of only two polar ice sheets on the planet, second only to the Antarctic ice sheet—is located at the heart of Greenland. The ice sheet covers 80 percent of the country’s land area and is nearly 2 miles (3 km) thick. Stepping from solid ground onto the ice, which moves undetected beneath your feet, is a moment you’ll never forget.


Nearing the most southern tip of Greenland, Herjolfsnes is a historic stop with a Viking Church setting the scene for a mysterious and interesting tale.


Also known as Qaqortukulooq, Hvalsey is the site of Greenland’s best-preserved Norse ruins. Built around 1300, the medieval church attracted people from near and far to attend Christian festivals throughout the year. The area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Area.


Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Area known as Kujataa, the small community of Igaliku (Igaliko) was founded in 1783 and is Greenland’s oldest sheep-farming settlement.


This sub-Arctic farming landscape—the earliest example of agriculture in the Arctic—was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Area in 2017. In honor of the designation, Greenlandic Post issued a stamp in 2018 showcasing the landscape of Kujataa.


Ships rarely venture into Lindenow Fjord, one of the least-occupied fjords in Greenland. With your Expedition Team in tow, you’ll cruise by Zodiac in an arm of the fjord, as the staff use their years of Arctic experience to search for wildlife.


The settlement of Narsarsuaq (meaning “the large plain”) is the lush, fertile land surrounding this area—located deep in the Tunulliarfik Fjord, only about 4 miles (6 km) from the ice sheet—that earned Greenland its name.


The massive tidewater glaciers and dramatically steep cliffs dominating this picturesque fjord system. Named after Christian III of Denmark, are one of the many reasons South Greenland has earned the moniker Arctic Patagonia. 


Paddling and Zodiac excursions into the fjord allow for closer connection with the landscape that is considered one of the most beautiful places in Greenland.


On the uninhabited island of Uunartoq, three springs form a small stone-dammed pool that’s warm enough to bathe in. Surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, you can relax in this outdoor spa and contemplate the surreal scenery around you as majestic icebergs drift by.

Day 9 - 10

Disembark & Departure

Before you depart on your charter flight back to Reykjavik in the early evening, we hope to spend the day visiting the sites surrounding Narsarsuaq. Possible destinations include the villages of Igaliku, where you can wander the ruins of the Gardar cathedral, the largest church in Greenland in the Middle Ages. We may also stop at Brattahlíð to explore the remains of Erik the Red’s estate. Upon landing back at Reykjavik’s international airport, you will be transferred to a hotel in nearby Keflavik.

The next day, you can make your way home at your leisure or continue your independent explorations of Iceland.

End of Journey