Undiscovered Charm of Adriatic Sea

Croatia | Bucket List, Group of Friends
Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, these destinations are called “Pearl of the Adriatic” for apparent reason. From a palace for a retired Roman Emperor, 2-kilometers-long walled city of Dubrovnik, and a small islet with a 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic Coast. Feast your eyes throughout the journey.


Luxury Escape in Italy

Italy | Group of Friends
The jewels of Campania region never fail to seduce travelers who desire luxury lifestyle, gastronomical contentment, and sensual blend of both natural and cultural wonders. Kind climate, abundant resources, and natural beauty have drawn people to this coast for many centuries.


The Lands of Viking

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  • Feb 04, 2020
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Denmark, Norway | Bucket List
Scandinavia Summer light is very special, darkness barely falls and the sun never disappeared. Explore nature, explore the fjord, visit famous places and do not forget to takes the photograph in every step.