La Dolce Vita “The Good Thing in Life”

Italy | Group of Friends
La dolce vita describes a way of life that is easygoing, enjoying things to the fullest, and involves luxury and pleasure of varying degrees. Through the beauty and charm of Italy, we will transform you to become a ‘dolcevitoso’


Highlight of Italy & Switzerland

Italy & Switzerland | Group of Friends
Italy and Switzerland attested to how two very close countries can share so much in common and yet so versatile. From mountainous land to narrow street and picturesque waterfront, ancient tradition becomes the pillar of each culture. See for yourself the difference of each country, region, and landscape.


The Lands of Viking

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Denmark, Norway | Bucket List
Scandinavia Summer light is very special, darkness barely falls and the sun never disappeared. Explore nature, explore the fjord, visit famous places and do not forget to takes the photograph in every step.