Bali Luxurious Staycation with Marriott

Bali, Indonesia

Immerse in a world of indulgence at Bali Marriott‘s luxury portfolio of hotels and resorts, against a backdrop of endless sparkling sea views to vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches, forming the ultimate well-deserved sojourn with your family and loved ones.

Luxury $150
All Year Round
4 Days 3 Nights
Short Break
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The Highlights of the Journey

  • Stay at the Marriott’s luxurious collection in Bali
  • A tranquil walk through lush green tropical rice field and traditional villages
  • Admire Bali’s panoramic lush interior from the bird-eye view
  • Encounter authentic Balinese community through a traditional feast


**Rates are per person with entry level stateroom
**Rates are based on USD, 2 people traveling together, stay in one room
**Rates are subject to change

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Day 1 - 4

Bali | 3 Nights

Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will be transferred to the resort. Check-In and rest of the day is at your leisure

During your stay at Bali, you may choose some of the following optional activities:

Private Discovery Rafting Discovery

Pick up at your resort and transfer to starting point of Rafting. Onboard your private raft and began to paddle at your leisure joined by your guide who will explain the importance of the sacred Ayung River and its role in Bali’s rice farming traditions. Enjoy the scenic journey through the river valley’s wilderness and stop for a break at a shrine beside a holy spring for a simple water purification ritual by a Balinese priest and offering. End at the Mandapa Ritz Carlton for change and brunch.

Bali on an Eagle View

Depart from your hotel to board the Helicopter and fly high to the sky. Start from South of Bali or Ubud and admire the panorama of Bali’s lush interior onward with the outline of Begudul highlands from the bird eye’s view. In the air, observe closely of Bali’s outline of towering volcanic peaks and lush seas of green rice paddies that offer rare picture postcard opportunities.

Continue your air time heading towards northwest Bali and make a swift landing to enjoy a flavorful picnic lunch in one of Bali’s finest vineyard.

Traditional Food and Hidden Temples

Begin in the morning with a short lecture at the private house of Bapak Enong Ismail, curator of the Sukarno Museum and the leading expert on the recent world heritage listed Pakerisan river area and its ancient temples and monuments.

Enong’s life passion is to give back to the country that he loves and through his work documenting Balinese culture since 1979, he now would like to share his findings to help preserve the temples and monuments you will visit for future generations to enjoy.

Watch the process and preparation of “Babi Guling” with the option of participating and assisting your local hosts for a hands-on experience. A young pig of about 25-30kg is stuffed and infused with all kinds of spices, typically involving turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, black pepper, and garlic, before it gets traditionally spit-roasted for several hours. The experience will take place in the traditional Balinese setting of Enong’s House, where you can interact with the locals who help to prepare this typical Balinese meal.

Whilst the pig is slowly being roasted, we invite you on an exclusive visit to three heritage temples and monuments that trace the creation of the Balinese Hindu Religion “Hindu Dharma” from the 8th to the 12th century when three religions finally became one. Go back through time as your experienced guides walk you through temples rarely seen by tourists. These temples, while perhaps not being the most decorative, have played a significant role in the development of present-day Balinese culture, and for those who enjoy history and culture, this is an unforgettable and rare insight.

Start at Pura Guman, the first temple built in Bali after the Mother Temple Besakih in the 8th century.

Next, you will visit Pura Mengening, a picturesque water temple from the 11th Century – you might just be the only visitor here and are welcome to take a dip in the pools, which are believed to have a special spiritual power to cleanse one’s soul. Conclude your visit to Pura Pegulingan, the biggest Buddhist monument in Bali where the Hindu and Buddhist iconography are combined in dedication to the Hindu trinities Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Here you will meet a local priest who will conduct a blessing ceremony for you to wish you luck and success on your onward journey in life.

The tour ends with a lunch where you started this morning, now with the roasted suckling pig ready for you to enjoy accompanied by rice and traditional side dishes over good conversations with your friendly local hosts, who will be happy to provide you with further insights into their culture and customs.

Ricefield Trekking with Philanthropist

Pick up at your resort. Journey through the heart of Ubud where the ancient Balinese village of Keliki lies, the local families may invite you to view their traditional farming practices. Some farmers are preparing their fields for planting, some carry large bundles of cuttings on their heads; others are bent over like sturdy tables, planting small saplings as they stand in knee-deep water. The wonderful thing about Keliki village, is we’re far enough away to be off the tourist radar but within easy reach of the famous tourist town.

A 30-minute drive north of Ubud, in the Keliki Valley, you will find yourself surrounded by the full panoply of nature – sunbeams shoot through cascades of leaves, neon-blue butterflies prance by in trains of four or five, frogs ribbit, cicadas chirp, birds warble and trill.

Beyond the paddies, your tour guide will introduce you to the farmers and the methods they use to grow a multitude of other plants, vanilla, coffee, peppers, and spices you use every day. This trek, through narrow mud paths between flooded or green rice fields, usually starts just north of Ubud in the village of Sakti, and winds its way through rice fields, and rural villages.

Your immersive Balinese experience ends by discovering exotic Balinese traditional cuisine at the end of your trekking journey. Afterward, you can stay learning keliki style of painting.

Cycling Kintamani

Escape from the tourist center to Kintamani cooler climates of Bali Mountain region. Using mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Pludu village will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks.

Frequent stops are made along the way giving you the opportunity to view aged temple compounds and shady plantations bearing a variety of crops.

Local women regally carry festive offerings of fruit and flowers to appease the Gods, whilst village ducks are herded in humorous orderly processions. The young boy’s cut grass to feed the family cow whilst weathered old men gossip at the roadside stall sipping glasses of aromatic mountain ground coffee.

End of the journey.