Around the Beautiful Italy

Venice | Bologna | Florence | Rome

From Venice to Rome, this journey will bring you the once in a lifetime experience of the most beautiful places and the best food in Italy.

Luxury $9,500
VIP $11,500
April – October
11 Days 10 Nights
Group of Friends
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The Highlights of the Journey

  • Mesmerize the beauty of Venice by Gondola and walking tour
  • Visit Murano which famous for the blown glass and Burano as the lace making center
  • Discover history of Bologna and experience the local food tasting
  • Take 1,5 hours’ drive journey from Bologna to the original of Parmigiano reggiano cheese factory
  • Discover the famous icons of Florence city and experience sunset cruise along the Arno river
  • Tour around the city of Rome full of fun with Golf Cart that covers many main sights of Rome
  • Enjoy a private guided tour of historical Colosseum and Vatican


**Rates are per person, starts from, based on USD, and 2 people traveling together staying in one room

Day 1 - 4

Venice | 3 Nights

Upon arrival in Venice, you will be transferred to your hotel by water taxi. Relax at your hotel and enjoy your first day at leisure.

Enjoy the following activities during your stay in Venice:

Gondola Ride with Your Personal Guide

A special tour with a professional and expert personal guide who will explain to you the amazing attractions along the journey while you are comfortably seated on your gondola!

An unforgettable experience to make you know Venice and its centuries-old history; you will discover many curiosities and secrets hidden in the palaces that belonged to the doges and wealthiest families during the ancient Republic.

The itinerary includes part of the Canal Grande from the Accademia area to the Salute Church and the picturesque minors canal where you can enjoy the silence and the peace of this extraordinary city.

Murano & Burano Tour

Meet your guide and visit Murano and Burano, Murano is currently famous for the sales of blown glass and for the Glass Museum, the Church of San Donato, and the furnaces where it is possible to see how blown glass is born. and Burano is famous for the handcrafted lace making, even today we can see the ladies sit at the doors of their colorful houses to weave the most impressive lace provided in unusual and beautiful ways.

During the tour visit some glasses shops is possible if you want. There will be guide and explain to you the story of Venice and the island.

Day 4 - 6

Bologna | 2 Nights

Upon arrival, depending on the arrival time. if time permits you will enjoy the agricultural activities enjoy a day in nature. Spend time with the animals, walk around the gardens and the woods. Learn how a farmhouse runs and the season of the vegetables and fruits. According to season availability, you can pick up some ingredients directly from the garden (the availability of this product is subject to seasonality) and they will be used by the farmhouse cook to prepare a typical Bergamasco lunch, typically including cold cuts and cheese, Bergamo ravioli, meat, and season vegetables. At the end of the tour, continue to Bologna.

During your stay in Bologna, you can enjoy the following activities:

Twilight Food Tour

You will meet your guide in the city of Bologna. You will Learn about the history of Bologna and the reasons why Bologna holds the title of foodie capital of Italy, a unique world-wide institution where you will be able to find the greatest products of Aemilian cousine. Your guide will let you discover the best shops where tasting the specialties of the city, just as locals do. Always paired with a glass of Lambrusco wine, you will enjoy the best could cuts you can find in Italy and much more.

Parma Lowlands Experiences

Take 1,5 hours’ drive to the original of Parmigiano reggiano cheese factory. You will visit the factory, learn how Parmiggiano is made, storage and aged. Afterwards, you will the classic 12, 24 and 36 months old Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and also tasting the cheese you will have spent around 2 hours there and continue 1 hour drive to visit you will head to a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar producer and visit the Acetaia where balsamic vinegar is aged spent around 2 hours. After the tour, tastings of the different vinegars follow. Conclude your tour, heading to a Culatello factory. Drop off your guide around Parma and transfer to your accommodation.

Day 6 - 8

Florence | 2 Nights

Everywhere you turn in Florence, you find extraordinary works of art and architecture, which attract almost 8 million tourists every year—from the Palazzo Vecchio to the world-famous Uffizi Gallery to the Cathedral with its magnificent dome and the tower designed by Giotto. Along the river Arno the Ponte Vecchio, with its jewellery shops is a must for all those who pass through the city, as well as the splendid Boboli gardens across the river.

You can also enjoy the following activity during your stay in Florence:

Vineyard Visit and Wine Tasting at Chianti Classico

Chianti classico and the neighboring area of Chianti, just south of Florence is one of the best-known valleys and wine producing areas. Offering a wide selection of labels, production styles and recipes that exalt the Sangiovese grape which date all the way back to 1716 and beyond.

Full Day Tour in Florence

Once in town, you will have time to explore Piazza dei Miracoli and visit the most famous tower in Italy, the leaning Tower with other beautiful monuments. You will also have the opportunity to admire the impressive artist work in the Cathedral and the Baptistry.

Depart for Private Sunset Arno Boat tour

Before sunset, we take you to cruise in private and leisure by a traditional Florencian boat down the Arno River or Classic Florence Barchetto, passing by the Uffizi Gallery, admiring Ponte Vencchio from beneath and find out more about the mysterious Vasari Corridor.

Day Trip to Cinque Terre

Experience the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre in one day with a guided hike through the five idyllic fishing villages of old-world Italy. Following the walking trails along the cliffs of the national park, you will see glorious views of this unspoiled stretch of the Italian Riviera.

Check out the highlights and learn about the area as you complete a 3.4-mile (5.5-km) route with your guide. Hiking trip to Cinque Terre from Florence Spectacular coastal views along the Cinque Terre Soak up the old-world atmosphere as you explore Cinque Terre villages on foot.

Day 8 - 11

Rome | 3 Nights

Today you will transferred to Rome, enroute you will visit most of the western area of Pompeii and cover the highlights, such as the Marina Gate, the Forum, the Basilica, the Temple of Juppiter, the Stabian Baths, the House of Menander, the Brothel the Teathers, the plaster casts of the victims, shops, fountains and more, do not miss the opportunity to see one of the best archaeological sites in the world, getting the real feeling of how Romans used to live before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

You can enjoy the following activities suggestion during your stay in Rome:

Golf Cart Tour around Rome

Tour around the city of Rome full of fun with Golf Cart. Sites covered: Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Arch of Constantine, Avventine Hill, Michelangelo’s Campidolio square, Mouth of Truth, Capitol Hill, Knights of Malta keyhole, Emporer Trajan forum and Column, Spectacular View of the Roman forum, Great Palace on the Palatine hill, Arch of Janus, Vestal Tempel, Panoramic view of Rome at the orange tree garden.

VIP Colosseum Experiences – Skip the Line

A tour designed to discover the ancient imperial Rome. In the hearth of the city it’s possible to relive the power of Rome through its most important monuments such as the Coliseum. The Flavian Amphitheatre, built by the Emperor Vespasian, was the venue for the games that took place in ancient Rome.

VIP Vatican Guided Tour

After breakfast you will be picked-up by your guide and explore Vatican Museum with Skip the Line

The Vatican Museums house some of the world’s most beautiful and culturally significant art. Few museums in the world have the potential to be so moving to its visitors, yet few museums are as difficult and frustrating to navigate as well.

End of the journey.