Luxury Expeditions

Journey to the world’s most remote destinations with dREAMSCAPE. Each of our programs have been specifically curated to meet Asian preferences.


Nothing will prepare you for the majesty of an expedition in the South Pacific region.

  • Enter into a timeless UNESCO World Heritage Site – Kakadu – owned by aboriginal people known as the world’s longest continuous surviving human culture for over 65,000 years
  • Fly and cruise around one of the fjord wonders and take a dip into a combination of darkened fresh and sea water


A region with startling contrasts and the indescribable lure of remoteness.

  • Explore the coldest desert in the world and live like a nomad in Gobi
  • Step up to the most impressive buildings around the cave on the edge of a cliff 3,210m above sea level at Tiger’s Nest
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas featuring a magnificent landscape made of mountain systems that stretches halfway around the world from Africa to Asia


Home of steamy rainforests with endless beaches or waters.

  • Liveaboard a luxury cruise to say hello to the Komodo dragons
  • Swim with the mantas in one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world at Raja Ampat
  • Discover this cluster of seven tiny islands in eastern Indonesia’s vast Banda Sea
  • Visit the mother of rivers in Asia, the Mekong


Set out on an epic journey in the most extreme environments on earth

  • Hop onto the longest railway line in the world at Siberia
  • Take a 4WD to the Golden Circle – a land of ice, water and fire where the backdrop comes to the foreground to take centre stage
  • Have an exciting adventure on top of the world.


Explore the remote land of the region under our professional guidance.

  • Once in a lifetime experience to witness the famous animal migration at the Serengeti Plain and Masai Mara
  • Explore the world’s second largest inland deltas known as the Okavango Delta and home to some of the world’s most endangered species of large mammal
  • Following 88 million years of evolution apart from mainland Africa, the Madagascar- Mandrare River is so richly diverse and removed from the modern world


Embark to out-of-the-ordinary remote lands and spectacular towns that few travellers ever get to visit.

  • Plunge into the depths at 3.8km to visit the RMS Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Step into the wild of millions of years ago where you can find dinosaur fossils and rock formations in abundance at Denali National Park


Visit under-the-radar places and go back in time to ancient civilization hotspots.

  • The Amazon, home to half of the world’s remaining rainforest, offers fascinating lessons on biodiversity
  • Roam through almost 6,000 years of civilization, to one of the places where the human enterprise began across the Andes Highland
  • A combination of dramatic stone peaks that overlook the park, and untold history is waiting to be heard upon your first footsteps at Patagonia
  • Be in the only place in the world where you can see wildlife so close up
  • Walk at the largest salt flats on the planet
  • Join the exclusive club to the end of the world in style