Luxury Cruises & Yachts

Enjoy travelling in style and comfort, whilst discovering exceptional destinations onboard on a luxury cruise or yachts getaway

The Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific islands are cut off by thousand miles of sea, but the region offers stunning beaches and reefs, crystal waters and lush jungle.
  • Plunge into turquoise lagoons and snow-white beaches
  • Visit Phillip Island’s koalas and penguins
  • Witness the fjords up-close with excursions taking in Maori culture
  • Home to many world-famous landmarks including the majestic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, as well as the incredible Great Barrier Reef
The Far East offers exciting itineraries and a huge range of wonders from its mesmerising cities to ancient complex.
  • Encounter new and fascinating cultures
  • Witness breath-taking natural landscapes
  • Revisit ancient histories and old dinasties
  • Known as one of the greatest destinations for food lovers, enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world
Explore the mysteries continent where thousands of years of religion and history have been made
  • Relax on a sun-drenched sandy beach or take a dip in the clear blue sparkling ocean waters.
  • Visit one of the elder statesmen of the Asian continent
  • Explore the huge array of ancient temples set amid the stunning, fertile, tropical scenery
  • Meet the almight dragon, Komodo
  • Journey to the floating ancient cities
Voyage to Europe’s most stunning coastal towns and experience ancient sights with rich clan heritage along the way
  •  Find one of the world’s most unique and secluded landscapes – a land of volcanoes, thermal springs, geysers and boiling lakes
  • Float through beautiful cities and rolling countryside
  • Home to an incredible collection of iconic cities, each brimming with a fascinating heritage and vibrant cultures
  • Walk into the past when you visit ancient landmarks that offer its rich history
  • Taste the cuisine of the old continent
Journey of a lifetime and uncover the array of majestic wildlife and ancient heritage
  • Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure to observe the wild animals that roam in their natural habitat
  • Eee the vineyards and winelands of Stellenbosch and beyond
  • Observe the unique endemic wildlife of Madagascar
  • Visit the holy lands
  • Follow the footsteps of ancient civilisations
  • Off-road adventures in the deserts of Oman
A classic route where islands, beaches, history, culture and activities cater to all ages
  • Visiting some of the world’s famous landmarks
  • Visit charm colonial cities and ports
  • Witness one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world, autum foliage
  • Swim with the pigs
With so many different landscapes, cultures and colonial influences to see, you will find a spectacular range of sights and incredible choice of adventures that you will not find anywhere else in the world.
  • Learn to tango in Buenos Aeros
  • Head far to the south for rugged breath-taking mountain landscapes
  • Get into Brazil’s carnival spirit
  • Home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife on Earth
  • Open the doors to the Amazon rainforest
  • See the legendary wildlife of the Galapagos.