Travel With dREAMSCAPE and Earn dREAMS Miles
Introducing dREAMSCAPE’s very own rewards programme, designed to help our loyal customers indulge their luxury travel dreams and adventures.  

Bucket list


Our aim is to fulfill your dreams and tick off every item on your your bucket list. With our expert research skills we will go the extra mile to make your dREAM holiday come true in the most time efficient manner. After all, time is the greatest luxury in the world, so why waste it when you have our expert team and network at your fingertips.

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Earn dREAMS Miles for every travel dollar you spend with dREAMSCAPE, and redeem them from our exclusive list of top class luxury products and services available in our concierge menu to add value to your travel experience, or upgrade your flight, your rooms, extend your stay, the options are never ending. dREAMS Miles is designed to reward travel addicts with something exclusive and unique.

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Concierge services

During our 10 years in the luxury travel business, we have been asked to do the impossible many times, and we pride ourselves on satisfying every request. From delivering packages internationally to escorting senior travellers, picking up passports overseas to booking tables at the most exclusive restaurants, arranging limited edition drinks for private consumption to accessing the most exclusive of events imaginable. And we never say no to a challenge. Now, our service, previously available to our VVIPs, is open to all My dREAMSCAPE members.

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Travel history and preferences

Tell us how you want to be treated, how you want to see the world, and we will ensure that your every preference is met. The personal touch in travel is vital, so we will craft everything to your own personal preferences – after all, it’s your holiday. We help you see the world purely from your perspective, tailor made to your own specific desires.


Spend US$5,000 a year (excluding flight) and you will be eligible to enter to the world of dREAMSCAPE and travel in style  with all the exclusivity outlined in our portfolios. Members of our VIP Strategic Partners will be eligible to automatically enter the world of dREAMSCAPE.